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Between July 2015 and July 2016, around 20% of American adults received a massage, and in the preceding five years, about 32% had at least one massage. About half of those massages were for health reasons. Massage can be beneficial for numerous conditions, including injury rehabilitation, pain management, and stress reduction. Book your appointment with Apple Wellness Center in Winchester, Virginia, today to learn more about the therapeutic benefits of massage.

Massage Therapy Q & A

What conditions can massage treat?

Although some people think of massage as a luxury, it is beneficial for a wide range of medical conditions and health-related situations. Just a few of the medical conditions in which massage may be indicated are:

  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Headache disorders
  • Pain management
  • Recovery from surgery
  • Stress relief
  • Mental health conditions

Experts often suggest massage therapy as part of a treatment plan, and the massage therapists at Apple Wellness Chiropractic Center are experienced in providing massage as a treatment strategy.

Can massage therapy provide pain management?

With the current opioid epidemic, health care providers and patients alike are looking for alternatives for pain management. A recent study found that massage therapy should be recommended as a method for pain management. The same study showed that massage therapy can effectively treat anxiety and improve health-related quality of life.

In the past several years, multiple studies have examined the science of touch, with interesting and encouraging results. In addition to that recent research, massage therapy has a long history of being used as a treatment for pain.

Massage therapy is the manipulation of the body’s soft tissue — muscles, ligaments, cartilage, fascia, tendons, and basically anything that isn’t bone. For many conditions that involve pain, there’s a high likelihood that soft tissue is involved.

What should I expect during a massage therapy session?

Your specific condition determines to some extent what your massage therapy session entails. However, most sessions have some things in common.

You may need to undress as far as you are comfortable, and your therapist gives you privacy to do so and provides a sheet or blanket for you to cover yourself. Most therapists use lotions or oils to allow their hands to glide smoothly across your skin with less friction. Be sure to let your therapist know about allergies or sensitivities before your session.

Your specific needs and condition dictate how your therapist approaches your session. However, all of the therapists at Apple Wellness Center are careful to keep your comfort in mind as they work. You should expect communication throughout your therapy session.