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A recent study showed that when patients have a new episode of acute low back pain and receive physical therapy procedures as a first-line treatment, costs can be as much as 72% lower than when treatment begins with advanced imaging. Physical therapy procedures is a powerful tool for helping with numerous injuries, conditions, aches, and pains. Book an appointment today with the chiropractors at Apple Wellness Chiropractic Center in Winchester, Virginia, to find out if physical therapy procedures might be an effective strategy for you.

Physical Therapy Procedures Q & A

Who can benefit from physical therapy procedures?

Physical therapy modalities can help with many conditions, and some say that almost everyone could benefit from therapy. Some of the more common reasons patients seek help through physical therapy modalities include:

  • Recovery from injury or surgery
  • Arthritis
  • Neck pain
  • Low back pain
  • Tendinitis
  • Sprains and strains
  • Sports injuries

The chiropractors at Apple Wellness Chiropractic Center evaluate each patient and create a treatment plan specifically for your situation. Physical therapy modalities strengthen, condition, improve balance, increase flexibility, and help restore mobility. Your chiropractor can also offer guidance to help you avoid future injuries.

Are physical therapy procedures painful?

In addition to restoring function and mobility, one of the main goals of using physical therapy modalities is to alleviate pain. But, just as a good workout may leave your muscles sore, physical therapy procedures can create some pain during your treatment.

Your chiropractor at Apple Wellness Chiropractic Center has extensive training and works with you individually. With the guidance of a chiropractor, you can push boundaries safely and experience the most efficient recovery possible.

What does a typical physical therapy procedures session involve?

Because physical therapy procedures are highly individualized, there really isn’t a typical session. Generally, however, you should dress comfortably, as you would for an exercise class, and be prepared to be an active participant.

During your first session, your chiropractor evaluates your ability to reach, stretch, and walk as well as assessing your posture, balance, and anything related to your specific condition. Expect a thorough evaluation.

Your chiropractor then creates a personalized treatment plan for you that may include stretches, exercises, the application of heat or ice, or instruction in using devices that can help you recover. Often, patients are asked to complete some exercises or stretch at home between appointments.  

No two patients are the same — even if they have similar injuries or conditions. People heal differently, so you may require more or fewer sessions than someone else needs. The most important thing is for your recovery to be as complete as possible. The chiropractors at Apple Wellness Chiropractic Center work with their patients to reach the best possible outcomes.