4 Types of Headache Disorders

 4 Types of Headache Disorders

Almost everyone gets a headache or two at some point in their life. But headache disorders are more than typical tension headaches. These are conditions that cause recurring head pain that affects your quality of life

At Winchester Spine and Injury / Apple Wellness Center, our highly skilled chiropractor, Michael Pasternack, DC, specializes in helping patients with headache disorders. Dr. Pasternack understands how they affect your life, and he uses a number of strategies to reduce the frequency and severity of these recurring headaches

We want to share with you some of the headache disorders we treat

Migraine headaches 

Migraines are a common recurring headache disorder. This type of headache causes a throbbing or pulsing sensation on one side of your head that may last days. In addition to the head pain, people with migraines may also feel nauseous or become sensitive to light

Though researchers are still trying to understand what causes migraines, there are many factors that seem to trigger the pain, including stress, hormones, and diet

When treating patients to help with headaches, we take a holistic approach to care. We focus on helping you get relief from your pain with chiropractic care, physical therapy procedures, and massage therapy; we also strive to prevent future episodes

We work with you, helping you identify your migraine triggers so you can take a more proactive approach to your disorder, avoiding your triggers or taking immediate action at the start of a migraine to reduce severity and duration of the head pain. 

Tension-type headaches (TTH) TTH isn't your typical tension headache, causing head pain that lasts hours or days. This headache disorder may be episodic (fewer than 15 headaches a month) or chronic pain (more than 15 headaches a month)

Stress and musculoskeletal conditions involving the neck are the most common causes of TTH. Over-the-counter pain relievers help those with an occasional tension headache, but if you have TTH, these pain relievers may do more harm than good

For TTH, we use various techniques to reduce stress and muscle tension, including spinal manipulation, physical therapy procedures, and massage therapy. We may also recommend physical therapy procedures like stretching exercises that you can do at home to ease tightness in your neck

Cluster headaches 

Cluster headaches are a less common headache disorder, but cause the most severe pain. With these types of headaches, you have severe head pain usually localized around one of your eyes. The pain may last 10-15 minutes and recur several times a day for weeks or months and then disappear

Researchers theorize that cluster headaches may occur when there's a sudden release of serotonin (brain neurotransmitter) or histamine (an immune system chemical released in response to an allergen)

Eating certain foods, exposure to bright light, or overexertion may trigger these headaches. We work with you, designing a plan to help you get relief from your immediate pain and preventing a recurrence with lifestyle changes


Medication overuse headaches (MOH


If you have headaches all the time and find yourself regularly taking pain medication to ease your discomfort, you may be causing your head pain. MOH is a type of headache disorder that develops from chronic use of headache medication

We're all about helping you get pain relief so you don't have to rely on medication. With chiropractic care, massage therapy, an exercise program, and nutrition plan, we can help ease your pain and help reduce your reliance on headache medication

Headache disorders make life hard. But with the right care, you can take control of your pain and get your life back

Let us help you with your headaches. Call our office or click the book online button to schedule an appointment at our Winchester, Virginia, office today.

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